Black Rose & Grenade Rouge Organic Lip Balm & Stain with SPF 15, 100% Natural, 14ml
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Black Rose & Grenade Rouge Organic Lip Balm & Stain with SPF 15, 100% Natural, 14ml


Island Kiss Black Rose & Grenade Rouge:                                                                                                                                                       From From the winter coleção of lip stains emerges the seductive lip potion of Black Rose & Grenade  Rouge, for crimson women with brazen velvet lips. The magic of a midnight, moonlit stroll by the ocean appears with a romantic whisper of noir roses weaving in and out. Soon, an undercurrent of lush, drunk-like, pomegranates make an erotic impression of intoxicating tropical blooms at night.   Pomegranate rouge has a soft, quiet, enchanting scent, as if you could smell it as you walk through an old-world herbarium. the crimson note here is sensual, with a bed of black roses not far. The scent seems to draw a graceful path-so like that of an elegant woman, fond of seducing a dark night.                                                      

Tips & Tricks for using Black Rose & Grenade Rouge: Stepping out for a night, but want to underplay the make-up? Black Rose Grenade Rouge will help moisturize, protect & stain your lips naturally. Simply squeeze some Island Kiss onto your lips and watch them stain your lips red within seconds.    


Black Rose & Grenade Rouge Ingredients: Tropical Kokum & Avocado Butter, Organic Beeswax, Stevia, Organic Carrot Seed Oil, Pure Castor Oil, Rich Vitamin E Oil, Organic Macadamia Nut Oil, Black Rose Essential Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Natural Organic Color.


Direction For Use: Squeeze with love and caress onto lips until they soften. Enjoy baking in the sun! Feel free to lick your lips and savor the taste of your Island Kiss.



Natural & Organic Lip Moisturiser: A Tropical scoop of Organic Avocado, Mango and Kokum butters.

 Soften, Soothe and Nourish your lips as they prepare you for a sassy day!

SPF 15: Natural Sun Protection allows for effective depigmentation, while you bake in the sun

Non-Toxic: Petroleum Free, Paraben Free, Sulphate Free, Dioxide Free, Phthalate Free, Free of Artificial Colors, Free of Artificial Fragrances. Absolutely no Preservatives.

It's Raw: Vegetarian, ingestible, Safe for Children

It’s Environmentally Friendly: Not tested on Animals, Cruelty Free, Recyclable